Ryan Hansen Wiki, Bio, Wife or Girlfriend and Net Worth

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Ryan Hansen Wiki, Bio, Wife or Girlfriend and Net Worth

Celebrated for playing the regular role of Ryan Hansen, a 09er stud and former high-school turned frat-boy, in the hit 2000-2004 running American teen noir drama Veronica Mars, the Fountain Valley born actor is all set to welcome new member to his family.

Yes, if you didn't know, naturally funny Ryan and ever-lasting beauty Amy are expecting their third child as of 2015. Anyway, they haven't disclosed the sex of the baby yet.

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Magnetic looking schoolgirl turned detactive Veronica Mars of the TV show Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell is Ryan's and Amy's long time best friend. In fact, she invited the couple to stay in her new Hollywood Hills house right after purchasing it in 2006. Kristen had welcomed the couple for short amount of time, but the bonding between them got so strong that they ended up enjoying each other company and friendship. Later, Amy and Ryan left the house in 2009 when they decided that they will welcome their first child.

Girlfriend turned wife Amy and Ryan reportedly purchased their new house in Studio City, Los Angeles for 1,35 million in 2014,

Kristen friendship with the duo is so strong that you will not believe what we will say next. It was the occasion of Kristen's wedding at a Beverly Hills, California Courthouse.

Ryan's wife and Kristen's bestie, Amy was the only witness of the wedding.  Crazily, Kristen had to give an intimate performance with co-star Ryan for House of Lies after the wedding and she did. All of the stakeholders involved including Amy and Kristen's husband were cool about the whole situation,

Anyway, let’s keep the gay rumors out of the way. He is definitely not a gay. And, as much as we would like to tell you guys his net worth, we are equally sad by the fact that his net worth is not known.  

As for now, Ryan and his wife are busy looking after their two loving children: a son and daughter. Generally, the couple strikes us as people who would rather hide their personal life in the closet. It's a good strategy in the sense it will help the couple to balance their personal and professional lives.

Now moving on to his body configuration, he is a tall man with the height of 6 feet and 1 inch. Nevertheless, he is known for his blonde hair, amazingly fit muscled body, goofy smile and spontaneous attitude.

Besides Veronica Mars (both movie and TV series), Ryan's other prominent on-screen projects are hit movies such as Superhero Movie, Friday the 13th, Hit and Run  and G.I. Joe: Retaliation,  and popular television series  such as Part Down, That's so Raven and Bad Teacher,

If you didn't know, he is a dancer since childhood. Nevertheless, he also likes to be involved with philanthropy and organize charity events for Invisible hands.

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On the ending note, we would ask ladies not to give up. You may be lucky enough to find your own version of Ryan Hansen in your real life.  However, the hot actor Ryan belongs to Amy only. 

Don't forget to watch Ryan's character DIck's seducing trademark dance after reading this. It may cheer you up. Also, you can try it while you are dating or even when you are getting married. Oh! The sexy move.