Tony Revolori Wiki, Girlfriend, Dating, Ethnicity and Net Worth

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Tony Revolori Wiki, Girlfriend, Dating, Ethnicity and Net Worth

At the age of 19 as of 2015, he has three anticipated movies in the pipeline for the year 2016. They are Columbia Pictures owned alien/action horror The 5th Wave (directed by J Blakeson) alongside stars such as Chole Grace Mortez and Nick Robinson, Fox Searchlight pictures owned Table 19 (directed by Jeffrey Blitz) alongside stars such as Anna Kendrick and Amanda Crook and, Low Riders (directed by Ricardo deMontreuil) which is many successful people hard work.

The talented actor who joined acting in the year 2004 acting in the short movie Nebraska is especially known for his role of Zero Moustafa (2014) in The Grand Budapest Hotel, Jib in Dope (2015) and Lalu (2015) in Umrika.

Born on April 28, 1996, in Anaheim, California, United States to an actor father and loving mother, Tony learned a thing or two about acting from his dad and uncle. Of course, he had a fun childhood given his parents were really supportive in nature and he grew up near to Disneyland and enjoyed the beach.

And in addition to his good upbringing, his early days acting credentials have made him a rich performer that he is know. If you didn't know, his onscreen career began as a baby food commercial model when he was 2. Peacefully, he began to take on on-screen projects one after another like his older brother Mario and they start competing for roles.

Interestingly, he later went on to outweigh his brother Mario, who also auditioned for the role of Zero in The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was Tony's first feature film role of Zero, a refugee turned lobby boy, in the Oscar nominated movie that brought him to an unbelievable limelight. After that, he went on to play one of the outcast nerd friends who explore complexities and surprises of life in Dope.

Dope was critically acclaimed as it kind of resonated the lives of Hispanic and Black teens in the United States. And then, he ventured out to overseas (India) to play the role of an Indian boy Lalu in the heart-touching and critically acclaimed movie Umrika.

Amazingly, he is now looking all-set to enjoy his career as an actor with an admirable sets of upcoming on-screen projects. It's really great to see young actors moving into right directions in the process of transitioning from a child actor to a mature actor. Plus, Tony, who dreams of having a career like George Clooney, has ticked all the right boxes in the process from selecting differentiated roles to acting with influential personas.

Now moving on to his physical configuration, Tony possesses the height of 5 feet and 6 inches. Anyway, he is not a strongly build-up man as he has a slender body. By looks, he looks like someone who is sweet and cute-looking, that's how girls like to describe him.  He is not a model and he is also not a strongly built person or a shirtless actor. However, he is a talented actor possessing huge acting potentialities, right mindset to learn, and nevertheless a good sense of humor. Moreover, he also likes to experiment on his hair and try different hairstyles as per as his wish.

Personality wise, he is a fun loving person. He has a good heart like a kid. Over and above that, he is a mature person as well who understands technicalities of acting and challenges of maturity. This is not a bold claim. His acting credentials and happy personal life prove this notion.

Talking about his relationship status, he is probably single.  However, his dating relationship with on-screen girlfriend Saoirse Ronan in The Grand Budapest Hotel created a lot of buzz back then because of their on-screen chemistry. Of course, they have a phenomenal on-screen chemistry, but that doesn't mean he is dating her.

Anyway, the American nationality of mixed ethnicity (Spanish and Indigenous , Guatemalan decent) is not a gay as far as we know.  

Unfortunately, we are unaware about his net worth. However, we can assume he is earning a great deal looking at his successful career.

Believe it or not, the multitalented actor can also sing plus play guitar, piano and bass guitar. Not only that, he has a deep interest in movie writing, producing editing and directing as well. And, he has done some of all the activities as well to this point of time.

We should really thank Wes Anderson and team for discovering him for the Grand Budapest hotel. Tony is a matter of inspiration for not only Latino and Hispanic community, but also for the whole country. He is not following the traditional way of success. Rather he is making name for himself, doing his own thing and taking on challenges seriously one after another.

Hardworking in nature, Tony's future career is looking bright as of today.  

Fans can connect him on his social networking sites such as Twitter (3855 followers, Instagram (7339 followers) and Facebook (1703 likes). His Twitter handle is @TonyRevolori and his Twitter description is given as:

"I do things stupid, slow, and wrong so I can learn what to tell other to do and laugh at them fail. Joined January 2012".

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