Vincent Pastore Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

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Vincent Pastore Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

Vincent Pastor is an American actor of movies and TV shows, who was born on the 14th of July, 1946 and in 2015 his current age is 69 years old. Pastor was born in The Bronx, New York, United States of America into a middle class family. He was raised in New Rochelle, New York by his father and as a child studied at a local high school, before entering into the United States Navy. After serving his time there, he graduated from the Pace University. He then started to play in theatres and soon got chances to appear in some movies, in minor roles of course. His first role was in the movie Good Fellas, where he played as an Italian American mafia. Born and raised in the US, he is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Vincent is not the tallest of person, and has a very average height. He measures about a 178 cm tall, which is about 5 feet and 10 inches in height; an average height for a person. With a last recorded weight of about 100 kg, he is a heavily built person and was fat from a very early age. He is known for his short black hair, small eyes, big cheeks, fat neck and high shoulders. As he sometimes keeps his facial hair, his style is not much changing and always appears with a smile on his face. He is a man of good nature, and is very witty and humorous. He is believed to be very helpful and humble person, and has involved in many charitable works to help the poor and needy people. Although there are searches for his shirtless pictures, there seem to be none available in the media. With rumors surrounding him being dead, it is not true at all as he is alive and in good health.

Not much is known regarding Pastor’s personal life, and it looks like his dating life didn’t exist. He doesn’t have a single name that comes up when searched for his girlfriend. Maybe he doesn’t like to talk about his personal life in private, or maybe he doesn’t have a lot to talk about. Having been a married man, he is still believed to be together with his wife Nancy Berke. Although their date of marriage is unknown, they have been married for a long time now and no news regarding their divorce has been heard. With one daughter between them; Renee Pastore, there is no news about the couple’s other children. Due to his lack of affairs, people had considered him to be sexually gay, which isn’t true at all.

He has appeared in more than 150 different movies and TV shows, and enjoys playing roles of Mafias and dons. He has a wide fan following as his fame has reached across countries from around the world. He has got a lot of fans who stay up to date with his recent activities by following him on his Twitter account. You can also check out his pictures on his Instagram account or read his quotes and interviews online in many websites. To know more about him you can read his biography available in sites like IMDb and Wikipedia. By 2015, his estimated net worth value is about $6 million US dollars.