Lana Condor Wiki, Bio, Age, Boyfriend and Dating

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Lana Condor Wiki, Bio, Age, Boyfriend and Dating

Quick Information

Date of Birth/Birthday May 11, 1997
Age 27 Years 0 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession/Occupation Actress
Working For/Engaged On Movies, TV shows
Husband/Spouse Not Yet
Married Not Yet
Divorced Not Yet
Boyfriend/Dating Not Disclosed
Gay/Lesbian No
Ethnicity Asian
Net Worth $1.5 Million Dollars(estimated)
Height/Tall 5 feet 2 inches(157 cm)
Weight 127 lbs(approx)
Children/Kids Not Yet
Body Measurements 34-24-33 inches(approx)

Talented actress of American nationality, Lara Conder created lots of buzz in the entertainment and superhero world this 2015 being a newcomer. Indeed, you can all say that anyone getting a chance to play in the X-men series as their first debut is bound to gain popularity. Well, guess what, that's not a bad thing and Lana has some real potential as well.

Did you know she is originally from Can Thio, Vietnam? And, not only her unique ethnicity, she is a talented dancer who has been dancing since her childhood.

Being parentless kids in Vietnam, Lana and her brother Arthur (not biological one), would not have lived the American dream if their parents (an American family) hadn't adopted them. Lana was only 4 months old orphan when the family adopted her along with her brother. Linda then lived early part of her life in Chicago.

From Chicago, the family moved to Washington State when Lana was five. And when Lana was 13, the family moved to New York City.

She was only six when she took her first dance class. From what we have heard, she has studied dancing in reputed institute such as The Rock School of Dance Education (Seattle) and Spectrum Dance Theatre (Seattle), The Joffrey School of Classical Ballet, The Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet, and The Alvia Ailey American Dance Theatre.

New York City was the ultimate platform for Lana in the process of fulfilling her dream. She had a deep interest in dancing and acting. She not only achieved dancing education from so many reputed institutes, but also explored her acting abilities climbing the first ladder by joining an acting class during her freshmen year in high school. Thus being encouraged by the supporting parents, Lana took her first acting class.

New chapters awaited Lana in Los Angeles. See, opportunities always try to block our way as some problems. You just know to properly tradeoff.

Lana has been working on her dance and acting since a long time now. Has she been wasting her time doing nothing, or has she been doing something else in her younger days, she will not be where she is now. Of course, there is a luck factor in life. But always remember that luck only comes in the way of those who wants it and knows to take it.

Besides luck, Lana and her brother loves and respects their parents immensely. Their parents are proud of both the children, especially Lana, who according to them is a natural talent. Moreover, Lana has learned to be outspoken, truthful and down to earth person because of her upbringing.

It was her high school sophomore year when the family moved to Los Angeles to support her. In Los Angeles, she achieved a milestone in her dancing dreams by landing an important role in The Los Angeles Ballet. The Ballet platform brought her immense recognition in the dancing community of LA.

But she didn’t want to limit herself to dancing. She also wanted to prove her parents right for recognizing her talents and potentialities. So, she also joined the theatre department at Notre Dame Academy and also achieved education from the Yale Summer Conservatory for Actors.

And believe it or not, she was only in her high school senior year when she landed the role of Jubilation Lee (Jubilee) in X-men: Apocalypse.

A normal girl, Lana had never imagined that she will get the role. She was not even fan of the X-men. In fact, she liked iron man franchise more than X-men. But in the interview, she impressed the judges by her acting and not only that, by her straight forwardness. Upon being asked many time what her ethnicity is and upon answering for many times I am a Vietnamese, she finally said something like – I am ready to play any kind of Asian for you guys. What do you want? Wow, she is a fire.

It's amazing how she is able to create such a level of buzz in the media despite being only a 17 years old teen. Over and above that, she is a newcomer. But she is getting all the media attention and hype like an established actress.

Director Bryan Singer and the X-Men team have seen something in her. That's why they selected her after only few auditions and handed her the first debut role of Jubilee, a teenage with an special ability to discharge fireworks from her body. From what we have been heard, director Bryan hadn't met with her personally when she was selected, not even once. He has just seen her video that she had sent. This is how the last minute addition of Lara happened.

Before X-Men, Lana had never been on any film set. Plus, she was surprised when she found out that she got her own trailer for the movie. The point is the movie would be a stepping-stone for her. The role of Jubilee is something that has a huge potential to develop into more blazing character in future as she has only fulfilled a peripheral role in X-men franchise till now. And did you know, Jubilee was also an orphan when the professed recruited her?

Now moving on to her physical configuration, Lana is not a tall woman with the height of 5 feet and 2 inches and she may also not be the super sexy woman you will ever meet. But she is definitely hot.  However, she possesses a gorgeous banana shaped figure, soothing face, and eye-catching long hair.

Indeed, she possesses a tiny frame, but with shapely assets and toned legs plus thighs. She may be a lot younger than her rest of the cast, but she is perfect fit for the role of vampire teenager Jubilee of 80's.

Talking about her dating status, we have no clue. She may have a boyfriend or she may be even single. Therefore, it will be safe to assume that she is a single teen until we have some verifiable info.  

Unfortunately, her net worth is not known. But, as we can guess, she doesn't have a huge amount of money as of 2015. However, she is still young, and plenty of movies, riches, televisions shows and what not may be waiting her. This is just a starting.

Fans can connect Lana on her social networking sites such as Facebook (247 lieks) Twitter (1064 followers) and Instagram (12.1 k followers). Her Twitter handle is @lanacondor and her Twitter bio is given as:

Occasionally I'll try and drop a couple jokes... feel free to enjoy yourself…

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