Larissa Wilson Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Dating and Parents

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Larissa Wilson Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Dating and Parents

We know the Kingswood, Gloucestershire, England born actress Larrisa Hope Wilson for the role of celebrity-kid "Jal Fazer", a talented, unpredictable and self managed young clarinet player, in the two seasons (2007 and 2008) of the hit issues-based British Teen Drama "Skins".

As of 2012, she is out of radar. Fans are afraid that their favorite actress will be called a onetime wonder if she doesn't make a comeback. But, rumor has it that she no longer wants to act on-screen. It is said that she is trying to make a breakthrough in theatre. And, there are also some rumors that state that she is back to her studies.

Now moving on to her body configuration, she is not a tall woman with the height of 5 feet and 3 inches. However, she is a natural beauty of black ethnicity. Moreover, she enjoys a fit hourglass shaped body with body measurements 34-24-35 inches. Nevertheless, Larissa even wore hot dresses that showcased her assets in the show as per as the story demanded and completely nailed them as well given Jal was a difficult role to play. In real life, Larissa fancies Jal like we all do.

In an interview a long time ago, Larissa said that she would have been playing video games at her home if it was not for Skins. Fans and insiders identify her as a genuine and straightforward person.

We all will agree that such traits will make a person sexy, as you are only comfortable to present your full self if you are true to yourself.  

Unfortunately, we don't know much about her personal life including her dating history. But, there are several rumors that points out that Joe Dempise, a Game of Thrones star (Gendry), is in fact her boyfriend. Such archaic rumors are present till this day.

They are generally said to be dating in real-life because of their perfect on-screen chemistry in Skins. Jel and Chris, their respective character, were love interest of each other in the show.

However, what we know is that Larissa chose her acting career over her A-level education. In fact, she auditioned for the show as per as her teacher suggestions, while she was studying A-Level at John Cabot academy. After the instant success of the series, Larissa decided to leave her parents home and find a nice place in Bristol.

Fans are desperate to know about her. Nobody knows where she is and what she is doing. Sadly, she also doesn’t have no Twitter and Facebook account. Many people have reported that she deleted them.

Furthermore, her net worth is a complete mystery as well. Since she has worked on handful of projects with only Skins being her featured project, she certainly doesn't have a high net worth.

So, this is the story of a teenager who saw an instant success, left her education to live-up to her newfound reputation and later found herself in a position of not getting enough work.

Be what as it may, she showed that she is a versatile actress acting in John Wright's 2009's horror movie Tormented. Therefore, we don't believe that acting is over for the Kingswood native.

Jal in "Skins" and Khaillah, a popular member of the high-school bully group, in Tormented are two totally different characters. Although Tormented was a failure, Larissa managed to get t good receptions from the critics.

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