Cissy Houston Wiki, Health, Dead or Alive and Net Worth

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Cissy Houston Wiki, Health, Dead or Alive and Net Worth

Cissy Houston is an American soul singer who started career as a backup singer. Cissy was born on September 30, 1933 in New Jersey, United States. After working as a backup singer she started to work with artists like Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin. She became successful in every album together and started to excel her solo career. Cissy then started to sing the songs of soul, gospel and disco genres. After perusing the solo career, he bagged two Grammy Awards for the songs and music of her own composition. She became the soul of American Music industry with majestic and heart touching songs and music. Her family background is African-American and she belongs to the black ethnicity. She is exactly 5 feet 9 inch tall, but her career took more height than her personality.

Cissy is currently 83 years of age and is living under the care of the government. She had 3 children from her two relationships. She got married with Freddie Garland in the year 1955 and had a son from this relationship. Her relationship with Garland became worse and gave divorce in the year 1959. She was dating John Russell Houston during the bad times with her husband and got married in the year 1959 after her divorce. Her boyfriend helped her to get divorce with her current husband according to the sources. She had a son and a daughter after getting married again. Her family life was not great in the late 90's. Her daughter began to use drugs and was arrested by the local authorities many times. Cissy managed to send her rehabilitation but progress was not seen. Her daughter became more incorporated towards drugs and passed away on February 11, 2012. In a recent interview after the funeral of her daughter cissy quoted" media played a worse role in the life of my daughter and family".

Cissy is a wonderful personality and she loves to interact with peoples. She has featured in numerous interviews and programs to share about her career. She was not so much fashion conscious during her time but used to wear her iconic dress during the performances. Her dresses were always similar, those used to be just half of her legs and use to pair with a black flat slipper. Her pictures can be easily available in the media and a book has been published about her biography. Her net worth was estimated $5 million in the year 2014. She is still pursuing her solo career and is composing her own songs. She has planned to write the songs for youngsters and wants to compose her own music. Cissy is an active user of twitter and Instagram. She has more than 40K active followers combined. Her latest solo album was released in the year 2012 named "Walk on BY Faith" and after that she has not been able to come with the new album. In a recent interview she promised her fans about her last album and that will be the end of her solo career. Further information about her can be received form wiki and IMDb.