Sam Moran Wiki, Bio, Wife or Girlfriend and Net Worth

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Sam Moran Wiki, Bio, Wife or Girlfriend and Net Worth

Samuel Alexander Moran is an Australian entertainer who is best known for being in a children band named The Wiggles. He was born on the 4th of April, 1978 and in 2015 his age is 37 years old. He was born in Sydney, Australia and was raised in Wagga Wagga. Sam was born as an only child into a middle class family where his father was a teacher of classical music and his father towards music inspired him. Although there is no record of his schooling, he studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in order to become a high school music teacher. Likewise, he has performed in several musical plays and also played in many pubs and restaurants. Sam is an Australian by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Sam is not a very tall man, and has an average height. He measures about 180 cm tall, which is around 5 feet and 11 inches, not a very bad height for a person. A fair, dark haired man, he is known for his sense of humor and charming personality. He has a well-maintained figure, with a last recorded body weight of around 80 kg, which is very suitable for someone of his built. He has been a regular member of the gym and has been working out for almost 10 years or more. As a result, he has developed a very nice figure, with his muscular arms, triceps, biceps and wide chest, along with his abs. He has also got a couple of tattoos on his arms, a colorful Tibetan word that means, "to sing". He also has his daughter's name and angel wings on his right arm, but it can only be seen under black light. Despite the high demand for his shirtless pictures, there seem to be none available in the media. You can find his genuine photos in his officla Instagram account.

The media knows not much about Sam’s personal life and it looks like he doesn’t have a list of dating to talk about. Although the media has been on his tail and at any chance available have dug to see any names that come up as his girlfriend, so far the result has been negative. Either, he has been successful to hide his affairs from the paparazzi, or maybe he hasn’t been in many affairs to talk about. Either way, we know that he has been married and is a father of a small daughter. He and his wife Lyn Moran, who is also a musician and was with The Wigglers met in the United States in 2006 and began dating from then. A couple of years later, their married life were blessed with a kid in 2010, and besides that he has no former wife or kids. With 7 years of married life, a divorce between the couple seems impossible at this time. Despite some false accusations that point towards Sam being sexually gay, he is actually not.

Known as the yellow Wiggle, Sam was fired from his role in 2012, after a great controversy. His band announced that the yellow Wiggle role, which initially belonged to Greg Page and had been handed over to Sam after Greg’s health problems would be stripped back. But as a part of his honesty and hard work towards the band, they offered him royalties from their songs and also allowed him to use the Wiggles' studios for always. He has mentioned about it in his blog as well as Twitter saying that he had friends who were not just his band mates.  In order to know more about him, you can read his biography that can be found in sites like IMDB or Wikipedia. By 2015, Sam’s estimated net worth value is about $2.7 million dollars.