Terry Goodkind Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife, Books and Net Worth

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Terry Goodkind Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife, Books and Net Worth

We all know Nebraska born writer Terry Goodlkind for his high-fantasy masterpiece “The Sword of Truth (1994-2013, 16 novels)” and it’s outside of box sequel namely science-fiction Thriller “The Law of Nines (2009)”.

If you didn’t know, he likes to give objectivism touch to his books. In fact, he is regarded as a proponent of Ayn Rand’s philosophical approach of objectivism, which generally states our mind is only a means of discovering reality, and thus it doesn’t create reality. And, it also states that everyone should try to pursue happiness being moral.  This is the premise Terry has written all of the books. However, many intellectuals defy the objectivism saying if human knowledge and values are determined by the nature of reality, then there is no human capable to define the reality  

Having said that, Terry has all sorts of fans: gay, women, men and different sorts of characters, you name it. It is so because of the strange theory that the objectivism is, as it encourages people to pursue their own sense of perception.

It’s no surprise that Goodkind books have gifted him with unimaginable riches. Multidimensional man Goodkind enjoys a huge net worth that is speculated to be around 15 million US dollars. Besides writing, he likes hot-wheels. In fact, he is an amateur/semi professional racer who has participated in various forms of auto racing. Currently, he is associated with his self-created Rahl racing team. Nevertheless, his most prominent racing awards include 2011 Radical Racing Unlimited Series Champion
and 2011 SMMR Endurance Race Champion.  

Now moving on to his body configuration, we don’t know his exact height. However, many sites have speculated that his height is 5 feet and 6 inches.

As of 2015, his age is 67. We don’t have his recent pictures, but judging by his previous looks, we have guessed that he either prefers bald hairstyle or temple- crown head short hair style with pony-tail at the back. Probably, the hair from his crown part of the head and temples might have vanished because of his old age. However, we can’t verify that.

However, what we can verify is he is a married man. He is married to his blonde wife Jeri since a long time. They live in their 1993 built forested Mountain Desert Island home which is located off the coast of Maine. He probably built the house that he could write his books in someplace quiet. His first book Wizard’s First Rule was published in 1994. Impressively, the book was a major success earning him $275,000.  

Beside that, we don’t know much about his personal life. So, we cannot tell whether the couple has children or not. Also, there are no Terry-Jeri divorce related news on the media neither there is any of gay, boyfriend and girlfriend rumors about them. However, it would have been interesting if he was a gay. If he was one, would he still support Ayn Rand’s conflicting views on homosexuality? The questions remain unanswered.

Interestingly, dyslexic Goodkind was a marine and wildlife artist before his writing journey.

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