Vladislav Tretiak Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

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Vladislav Tretiak Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

Vladislav Tretiak is a former goaltender for the Soviet Union’s national ice hockey team. He is accounted as one of the greatest goaltenders in the history of his sports field.

He was also voted as one of 6 plays to the International Ice hokey Federation’s a Centennial All-Star Team in a poll of 56 experts from 16 different countries.

He is currently the president of the Ice Hokey Federation of Russia and also was the general manager of the Russian 2010 winter Olympic team.

He was born in a Ukrainian family, as his parents originally belonged to Sumy, Ukraine. His father served his country as a military pilot for 37 years, and his mother was a teacher of physical education.

Initially he followed his brother as a swimmer, as he was known to be excellent in many fields of sports. He is also peculiarly known for his ambition to master all the forms of sports available then.

He also loved hokey as many children of his generation did. He then joined the Children and Youth Sports School of the central sports club of the army where he met Vitaly Erfilov as his first trainer.

His interest towards hokey gained immense height, then he intended to play as a goaltender as he saw no one else has the desire and the courage to play as one.

He stands tall with his respect for the post and the decision he made as a newcomer and with his part of hard work and devotion.

He married Tatiana, his girlfriend who then came into his life as his wife when he was 20 years in age. They got married after six weeks of their first dating period.

His wife is a qualified Russian literature teacher, even though she currently isn’t working as one.

They have two children a son whom they named Dmitri and a daughter three years younger to their son whom they named Irina, their kids, and their personal information is not currently available.

They are leading a happy life with no trace of divorce till date. Some information and a short biography can be found in wiki sites such as Wikipedia and IMDB.

He is quite popular on social sites such as Facebook and Instagram and has many followers on Twitter.

Danish hockey awards with Vladislav Tretiak

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There are some short movies available on the Internet about his life and his hard work to excel in sports.

His estimated net worth is not available on the Internet, but he must have been worth a fortune.