Greg Fleet Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife, Girlfriend or Gay

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Greg Fleet Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife, Girlfriend or Gay

Quick Information

Date of Birth/Birthday October 12, 1962
Age 61 Years 8 Month(s)
Nationality Australian
Profession/Occupation Comedian
Working For/Engaged On Movies and TV shows
Married Single
Divorced Not Yet
Girlfriend/Dating No
Gay/Lesbian No
Ethnicity White
Children/Kids One Daughter(Name Unknown)

Australian comedian and actor Gregory "Greg" Fleet is best known for his straightforward comedy style.

Born in 1962, Michigan, United States, Greg Fleet has survived a troubled childhood.

Young Greg, 10, was like every other kid with dreams and emotions until his father abandoned him. He was really heartbroken by the death news of his father.

Death, an undisputable fate for every human being, was not an easy subject for the 10 year old. He had lost his father, and over and above that, he was the only witness of his mother despair.

 However, he was betrayed. Later after many years he found out that his father had faked his death to marry another woman. He also found out that he was living in Australia with his new wife and two children.

What was he doing in Australia? You may ask.  Gregg parents had immigrated to Australia when he was three or four.

Believe it or not, Greg mother actually confronted his father in his own office after many years one day and she couldn't believe her eyes.  According to Gregg, his father and mother got back together after the confrontation. But it turned out to be sad news for his father new family as they were abandoned this time.

However, Greg's parents' marriage became more fragile this time then it was before. Again it ended with his father abandoning them. Greg last memory of his father is of when he was in his 20's. Gregg says his father currently lives in the states and is married to a wealthy woman; at least this is what his father told him.

You can uncover the whole story going from his book extract published by

Greg has showcased many of his past troubles and experiences including drugs problems on his shows such as I Wish You Were Dead (live show), 10 Years in a Long Sleeve Shirt (live show) and Smallest Room In the House (television program). His book "These things Happen" has also expanded upon his past struggle with drug ice and heroin.

Yes, he was a severe drug addict in the past. He also went up to the point when he decided to befriend his 20 years long partner heroin (started using since 1982) and start a new friendship with drug ice (in early 2000's).

To know more about his roots in details one can also read his revealing interview with Geoff Hutchinson. Making the story short, his mother Sally, who was adopted by a wealthy family as her parents were almost poor and drinkers, and father Willian, who was a Ford designer then, first met in an art school.

William was the man who had stolen the heart of a young being (Sally) whose past wasn't that stable. After Sally's adoptive parents divorce, her own father again brought her up.  Although William wasn't a rich man but he was an ambitious and handsome man and these qualities were enough to steal away her heart, the heart of a young being who hadn't experienced reasonable love and support in her childhood.

Later, Wiliam turned out to be a womanizer and failed businessman. Not only that, he faked his death when Greg was only 10. William implemented a foolproof plan and that was abandoning his car in a pier and leaving a note with his Solicitor.

 Clearly, Greg childhood made him vulnerable to drugs. But it was comedy that strengthened him. Comedy is what he received from his parents. No wonder he remembers his parents as fun-loving and comical people.

Gregg says he sometimes talk to his father via Email now (once a year). Although Greg doesn't meet his parents often, he immensely respects his mother for she was the one who worked hard to make her kids (he and his two sisters) lives better. Gregg thinks his mother Sally is so soft-hearted that she will even take his father back now if he says he loves her.

And this is Gregg family.

Now moving on to his physical configuration, he is an average tall man with the height that is speculated to be in the range of 5 feet and 8 inches to 5 feet and 11 inches. By age, he is almost in his mid fifties as of 2016. He is a balding man now and he also possesses white beard.

Talking about his relationship status, he may be a single man or he may be dating his girlfriend. And we also cannot exclude the idea of him being a married man.

What we know is that he wasn't alone to suffer from drugs addiction. The partner in crime was his own girlfriend Catherine, who along with Gregg turned to ice (methamphetamine) saying bye bye to herion.

Doctors were hopeful that Gregg will quit heroin gradually as a naltrexone implant was installed on his body to block the euphoric effects of heroin. Indeed, his dependency on heroin decreased but then he hugged ice. Listen to an extract from his book:

‘I have taken ice. I have smoked it, I have injected it, I have snorted it. Believe me, I am not bragging,’
Catherine and Greg discovered their violent selves, thanks' to the strong drug. The book has also expanded upon his crazy incident with Catherina such as Gregg threatening her with large carving knife and Catherine attempting to run him over with her car.

Anyways, Greg is the father of a 13-year-old daughter who is really an outspoken, media savvy and straightforward person. Greg says his daughter makes him a better person. Not only that, he feels that he should be an honest person if he wants his daughter to be honest to him. The good thing is that he has a very good relationship with his daughter and he is evolving and getting better as a person because of her.

Anyway, we couldn't identify the mother of his daughter. Is she his then girlfriend Catherine? Is she his wife or ex-wife who is rather unknown? Is he still dating Catherine? He can only address the answers of these questions.

Also, what we know for a fact is he is not a gay. Moreover, his net worth is also not known and we also couldn't trace his single shirtless pictures.

Other wiki on his professional life can be accessed via his Wikipedia biography on him. Or one can also connect him on his website and one can also connect him on is social networking site such as Twitter (13.9 k followers) and Instagram (5734 followers). His Twitter handle is @thegregfleet and his Twitter bio is given as:

"over, word sculptor, father, kangaaroos fan, guilt ridden genius. xxx rusty fragment - - Joined June 2010"