IronE Singleton Wiki, Age, Wife, Divorce and Ethnicity

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IronE Singleton Wiki, Age, Wife, Divorce and Ethnicity

IronE Singleton also known as T-Dog in the TV series “The Walking Dead” and as the menacing thug, Alton in the 2010 Academy® Award-nominated film; “The Blind Side”. He has also starred in many popular TV shows and movies. He is black in ethnicity, but is from an African American background. He is a very fun loving but deep character who tends to be the person whom he is acting as on the set. Many co-workers who have worked with him take him up as a fun loving and hard working character on the set.

He was born in Atlanta in the year 1975 and he was named Robert Singleton. His current estimated age has been determined to be 49 years. He has done many movies and TV shows such as Seeking Justice, Lottery Ticket, Remember the Titans, Save the Last One, TS-19, Chupacabra, Pretty Much Dead Already, Secrets, Bloodletting and many more. He married Camelita to be his wife in an unannounced date but there has been no news of despair in their relationship so as to have a divorce. There has neither been any info of them having a secret affair or dating some one else a girlfriend or a boyfriend, as they are leading a happy and prosperous life together.

There has been no news of this pair to have children through any of the sources. He stands tall with a height estimated to be above 5 feet and isn’t gay in sexual preference as he has married a woman. His net worth hasn’t yet been estimated and publicized by the media sources, but he is a very public figure on social sites such as Facebook and Instagram and has over thousands of followers in twitter. A short biography of him along with many pictures is available in some of the popular wiki sites such as Wikipedia and IMDb.  But even the most popular celebrity sites lack some of his factual info such as his height, his weight and many more.