Randy Spelling Wiki, Bio, Wife, Book and Net Worth

Date: 18 Jun, 2015 Report This

Randy Spelling Wiki, Bio, Wife, Book and Net Worth

During one of my busy university days, I remember a confusing psychology question asked by one of my best friends that made me ponder for days. We were just some clueless business students studying psychology because our course had asked us to.

We were highly money oriented, and we happily hated subjective course like Psychology. Financial formulas were like heroin to us. We desired to answer any question in one point. Also, we were too smart to solve financial numerical problems by hand, as we had access to plenty of financial software that would do whatever we want.  So, the friend of mine like a pitcher pitched in the question:

Can behavior be changed without first changing the underlying attitude?

Then, I thought the question was a paradox, as it was a known fact that attitude shapes one’s behavior. However, it was also a known fact that one’s behavior can be altered by “pain and pleasure method” not necessarily changing the person attitude directly.

The classic examples of such case would be the respective lives of American actor, author and life coach Randy Spelling and American actress/ author Tory Spelling, one of the most talked about celebrity heirs in the industry.

The sibling’s childhood to half of young adulthood was all about rolling in dough.  Being born in the multi-million household of legend television/film producer Aaron spelling and socialite Candy Spelling, the Spelling’s children lived their life like royalties until 2006, which is the death-date of their 86-year old father Aaron.

This event conditioned them to change their ill-behavior even if they couldn’t change their attitude.
As they were now grown ups, their loving father surely decided to teach them some real life lessons. In the process, father Aaron separated them 1 million dollars each  as his inheritance to them, despite having around half a billion dollars of self made net worth.   The rest (almost half a billion US dollars) went to mother Candy.

 Now, fast forwarding to 2015, then tough stance of Aaron certainly helped his children to explore their own life, and even inspired them to say bye bye to their respective bad habits and behavior.

Anyway, Randy and Tori in reality got less than 1 million because of tax. The respective sums they got clearly couldn’t sustain their original lavished lifestyle. So, they gradually changed their conflicting behaviors, respective cognitive dissonances inside their mind.

Now, at the age of 36, Randy (net worth 1.5 million) is married to lovely Leah Spelling. Girlfriend turned wife Leah and hubby Randy along with daughters Sage Aurelia, 4 and Lotus Elodie Spelling, 2 are now the happiest family ever. Leah and Randy got married in 2010 after dating for around 1 year.  

And for Tori (net worth – 15 million), at the age of 41 now, she is also enjoying her married life with hubby Dean McDermott and their four children. Previously, she was married to playwright Charlie Shanian for two years from 2004-2006 (the marriage is also known for it's wedding worth i.e. $1 million US dollars) . It is also true that Dean and Tori developed an affair even when they were both married to their respective partners back then. Later, Charlie and Tori went through a sad divorce just for aforementioned reason. 

Now, let’s move on to Randy’s physical body configuration, he is a moderate tall man with the height of 5 feet and 10 inches. By ethnicity, he is a white. Also, it’s true that he was generally speculated to be a gay before his marriage with wife Leah. However, he has never verified the news, because most probably he is not a gay. Moreover, has got slim body configuration and his hair color is blonde.

If you didn’t know, Randy as an actor is an old story. His handful of acting credentials includes Maibu Shores (1995), Sunset Beach (1997-1999) and Sons of Hollywood (2007). I guess that he is not likely to take new movies or TV shows project in near to coming future, as acting can segregate of your family because of work and time constraints. Instead, he will be writing lots of books, or will be giving his life coaching advice to those who needs them.

Furthermore, more wiki on Randy’s professional life can be accessed via Wikipedia’s biography on him, and you can follow the same process to find about Tori’s professional life.   Also, his admirers can connect to him via social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Nevertheless, his YouTube account his full of his newfound career since 2009 – life-coaching videos featuring him. However, the web doesn’t have any of his shirtless pictures.