RuPaul Andre Charles Married, Wife, Boyfriend, Net Worth and Drag Race

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RuPaul Andre Charles Married, Wife, Boyfriend, Net Worth and Drag Race

Quick Information

Date of Birth/Birthday November 17, 1960
Age 63 Years 6 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession/Occupation Actor
Working For/Engaged On Movies, TV Shows
Wife/Spouse Not Disclosed
Married N/A
Divorced Unknown
Girlfriend/Dating N/A
Gay/Lesbian Unknown
Ethnicity Black
Net Worth $7 Million Dollars
Height/Tall 1.93 m
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Not Disclosed

“Look at me—a big old black man under all of this makeup, and if I can look beautiful, so can you.”


RuPaul was born in the year 1960 on 17th of November, which makes him 56 years old at the moment. At this late age, he has experienced it all, from fame, love, appreciation to money and controversies. His voice sounded great and gained him huge fan-following in the music industry. He has contributed for genres like R & B, Hi-NRG and electro house.

RuPaul Andres Charles is a god gifted artist. He has made a special place for himself in the hearts of his audiences. First of all, he is a great actor and has also worked as a drag queen, meaning, he has pretended to be a woman. His show of femininity is incredible. It’s not easy to pull off the role as he has done!

Why is RuPaul famous?

 RuRuPaul is also a well-known model and author. He is a great recording artist. Not many have these many diverse talents as he possesses. He has stepped in various fields and is still successful. He has been very professional in all his works, which might be the secret to his success. He is a true superstar and a role model for the youth.

He has been present in the music industry since the year 1985 and it is his 31st year in the industry, which definitely makes him a veteran in the game. A lot of information on him can be extracted from wiki sites like Wikipedia. Let’s know more about him, on a personal level.

RuPaul is appreciated for his works in the movies and television series. His show RuPaul's Drag Race and RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race is famous worldwide. He is the producer and Judge of the show as he does most of the work relating to the show all on his own.  Other TV shows he has appeared in are Sister, Sister, In the House and Popular.

He has appeared in different movies like Fled, Starrbooty and Blue in the Face. He has also done many short films like Beauty, Vampire Hustlers and Wild Thing. Some of his dances singles include hit songs like Cover Girl and Jealous of My Boogie. He is very active in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, where he shares his opinions with his fans. He uploads his pictures in Instagram to share them with his fans.

Guess his net worth! It is $7 million U.S dollars. He deserves it all!

Is he single?

There is very little information about who RuPaul is dating and about his affairs. He has never given any ideas about him being married or not. He has never talked about his girlfriend or boyfriend in case if he is gay. His marital status and information on his wife is also not confirmed. There has not been any news about his divorce either. These all reasons make him very attractive person. One day he might break the mystery and talk about it with his fans. But, the time has not come now. 

RuPaul is tall and dashing celebrity with height of 6 feet 4 inches. He has continued providing full support to gay and lesbian communities all around the world, for which he was honored by The Most Beautiful Transsexuals in The World Association. However his personal life has been a not-often-talked-about topic. Some people say he is heterosexual or transsexual, but it has been never confirmed.

Isn’t he so inspiring? He doesn’t even need to flaunt his shirtless pictures to win the hearts of people!

RuPaul and Vogue’s movement

RuPaul has done more than just his professional stunts to work for the betterment of others. He has contributed so much to make vogue fun and fashionable in several ways which has not only entertained the beneficiaries but have helped to spread the love around.

Look at this video for more:

Vogue will help people become their own cover girl. RuPaul and Vogue got together to let the strength of music and dance combine and multiply. Not only that much, LGBT are helped by RuPaul and Vogue’s coming together. They are helped to choose freedom and to express their own self and feelings with their hands and body movement.

If you didn’t know, Vogue is a form of dance or movement which helps people to express one’s feelings. To be specific, if there is anyone who has benefitted the most then they are the homosexuals who have adapted to this form of expression to the fullest.