Ashlie Brillault Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Dating and Net Worth

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Ashlie Brillault Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Dating and Net Worth

Once upon a time a wise man said "What You See on Television May Not Be Real." Just like "Superman" and "Batman" are well-made fictions, Ashlie Brillault's character "Katherine "Kate" Sanders" in the award winning American middle school comedy Lizzie Mcguire is a well-made character as well.

Well, what so special about Katherine?  Ashlie as Katherina in the show was portrayed as a popular girl in Lizzie's school. But, she was still unhappy deep down because of her busy parents and conditional relationship.

Being the most popular girl and cheerleading captain of the school, Kate was portrayed hot, proud, daring and nevertheless, she had superiority complex as well. Moreover, she was a year older than everyone else of her class because she had repeated a year in kindergarten.

Kate attracted hate from fans as she was designed to oppose the protagonist character Lizzie, who was less popular but an overly innocent figure with an alter ego and unpredictable potential.

However, Ashlie as Kate looked better than Hillary Duff's character in the show.

But, the crazy part is this. Ashlie is not even one percent like her character Kate in real life (personality wise). Rather, she is well behaved and extremely friendly. Moreover, in real life, Ashlie is a bluestocking and a reasonable person.

Now moving on to her physical configuration, she is an average tall woman with the height of 5 feet and 7 inches. She is perceived as a distinct beauty, thanks to her blonde hair, asymmetrical teeth, round face, toned legs and thighs, cherry lips and impressive body parts. In real life, she seems a person who prefers to be a tacit beauty rather than explicit, again unlike her character Kate.

Talking about her relationship status, Ashlie is a married woman. The couple has a baby daughter who was born this past February. Nevertheless, her boyfriend turned husband name is Joe. She met Joe in Colorado when she was pursuing her law degree in University of Denver-Strum College of Law.

Prior to joining Strum, she had already earned B.A. in political science from California State University. According to her Linkedin page, she is currently associated with The Law Offices of David Givot and The Law Offices of David Borsai. Previously, she was associated with ACLU, University of Denver Civil Rights Clinic and Colorado State Public Defender.

As far as we know, Ashlie has never appeared in any on-screen projects since The Lizzie Mcgurie movie (2003). Born on 21 May 1987, San Francisco, California, USA, Ashlie officially started her on-screen career in the year 2001 (Lizzie McGuire). Prior to joining the television show at the age of 14, Ashlie had been modeling since the age of 3. However, the acting ghost only struck her at the age of six. After she expressed to her parents that she no-longer enjoys dating the modeling profession and have her hair curled, the supportive parents hooked her to acting classes at Beverely High School, as she wanted to be associated with something more interactive. From what we have heard, she participated in numerous skills classes (acting, singing and dancing) in her childhood.

Unfortunately, her net worth is not known.

Moreover, her personal website is offline since a long time now. Not only that, she has zero presence in social net working sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

Moreover, she hasn't talked about returning to acting, but as far as we know, acting his her early days love and passion. As of now, she is much more focused to balance her personal life with professional one (lawyer), as she has already stated that she wants to make a big-name in criminal justice reform and raise her daughter as a responsible mom.

However, we wouldn't exclude her return to acting from this discussion. She was awesome in Lizzie Mcguire and considering her performances in the show, we think she has got potential to excel in acting. What if she returns to acting portraying the role of criminal justice lawyer in a movie or television series? That will be awesome, wouldn't it?

Although Ashlie has appeared in limited movies and television shows, Ashlie will always be remembered as snobby Kate. Ironically, she portrayed Kate smoothly even though she differed from Kate in real life. That proves her acting ability, doesn't it?    

Last but not the least; we can learn many valuable lessons from her life.

Most importantly, Ashlie taught us how to balance personal and professional life (she has a habit of spending a good amount of time with family and friends and doesn't like to indulge in professional manner in monotonous way). Perhaps, this is why she quit acting. Simply, she traded off acting with education and fully-fledged social life.

Furthermore, Ashlie also taught us to be a responsible human being and return something back to society. From what we have heard, she takes part in charity programs once a week. She is frequently gets involved in charity and other programs for social and other causes via Ronald McDonald House, Long Beach Child Cancer Center, Dare organization and Kids with a Cause.

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