Hannah Hart Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Lesbian and Dating

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Hannah Hart Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Lesbian and Dating

Quick Information

Date of Birth/Birthday November 02, 1986
Age 37 Years 6 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession/Occupation Comedian
Working For/Engaged On Movies, TV Shows
Husband/Spouse Not Yet
Married Not Yet
Divorced No
Boyfriend/Dating No
Gay/Lesbian Lesbian
Ethnicity White
Net Worth N/A
Height/Tall 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 115 lbs
Children/Kids Not Yet
Body Measurements N/A

Hannah Hart is a Youtuber famous for her YouTube videos where she videotapes herself cooking in the kitchen while drunk. The video series is titled ‘My Drunk Kitchen’. She is also an author and a comedian, along with being an internet personality.

Hart was born on November 2, 1986. She has two degrees, one in Japanese language and the other in English literature, which she received from Berkeley College.

Shortly after graduation, she landed a job as a proofreader for Japanese and English language at a translation firm. But, her dream was to write screenplays. She didn’t like her job very much and so she started a YouTube channel.

Shortly after opening her YouTube channel, she quit her job and focused all her time and energy on ‘My Drunk Kitchen.'

Hart uploads weekly on ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ and has been doing so since March 2011. Hannah’s friend loved it when Hannah used to cook while intoxicated. So, Hannah’s friend requested she sends her a video. Instead of sending her the video privately, Hannah uploaded her video on YouTube. And that was how it started.

Her videos started gaining popularity. People began to share it on Facebook. Within months, her video got over one million views, and Hart earned a YouTube partnership.

After her success, she started to upload more YouTube videos on My Drunk Kitchen. She also started collaborating with other YouTube stars such as Marie Hart, Hank Green, Grace Helbig, Jenna Marbles and others.

She also starred in many videos, including her own. You can watch her music videos titled ‘Cheese pleasing me’, ‘Oh internet’, ‘Carrot 1Z’ and so on YouTube.

In 2013, she announced that her feature film was set to release on VidCon 2013’s stage. Camp Takota is the movie where Hart, alongside her friends Marmie Hart and Grace Helbig, act. The film was directed by Chris & Nick Riedell.

She was so famous that she even did a world tour show, which was called Hello Harto. Her world tour included videos of her traveling and cooking in the host’s house in the city she visits.

Hannah performed a comedy show in Los Angeles at NerdMelt. This show was captured by her fans and uploaded to YouTube, which also became very famous. The comedian, following her success of the #Nofiltershow at NerdMelt, announced that she would take this show on the road.

She is also an author of the book ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ which is a guide to eating, drinking, and going with your gut. It is available at Amazon.com.

Hannah Hart is also a beautiful young lady. Her age is just 29, and she has come a long way and has been very successful.

She stands at five feet four inches tall. She always dresses smart and looks hot. People admire her very much. She has inked tattoos on her neck just above the chest, and on her wrist. Fans are crazy about her and her tattoos as well.

Her short haircut is also admired and appreciated by her fans. You can find several Tumblr accounts on her name and her tattoos name as well. Her funny quotes from her videos are a thing too. Fans post her quotes now and then, and there is even a website which has her best 15 hilarious posts. You can Google it.

Moving on to her personal life, Hannah Hart has two sisters Naomi and Maggie. She has made many friends through her YouTube popularity. Her magnificent friends include Grace Helbig, Harley Morenstein, and Mamrie Hart.

Hannah is a lesbian. She is very open about it. She is not married. She also has said that she has no boyfriend and is not interested in marrying someone and making them her husband.

There are rumors everywhere that she is dating her fellow YouTube star Grace Helbig. Her affair with Grace Helbig started as a story, first by her fans. But it was later known that Hannah’s girlfriend was her best friend Helbig, with whom she does lots of YouTube videos.  

The multi-talented Hart has her website, www.hannahhart.com. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel MyHarto if you want to watch her videos and stay updated with her new and upcoming videos.

She is also available on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. For more info on her, you can search about her on a wiki and other similar websites.

Her net worth is not mentioned anywhere on the internet. She may not have disclosed her worth.

With the help of her fans and her talent, she is living her dreams. She is living her life happy at the moment.