Lisa Backwell Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Dating and Parents

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Lisa Backwell Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Dating and Parents

She is filled with cuteness and her million-dollar smile has made people love her, adore her and get inspired from. She has portrayed some of the cutest roles in TV shows and movies and people watch the shows because of her. She is none other than the girl with the million dollar smile Lisa Backwell. She was born in the year 1990 on 28th of October and this makes her age 24 at this time. She was born in a place called Bristol, which lies in United Kingdom. Her nationality is English but her work has touched people from all over the world whether it is African or Latino.

Despite some troubles in her early days, she picked up the speed when she was offered one of the finest TV shows called Skins. She portrayed the role of Pandora Moon in Skins from the year 2008 to the year 2010. Her exceptional work in the particular TV series made people fall in love with her. She has not only shined in Skins only but also in a couple of short film. She appeared in a short movie called Ella where she carried the whole script in her shoulders as she was portraying the main character in the venture. Some other productions she totally left a mark include the likes of The Children’s Hour and Too Good of a Samaritan.

It is not that she will be limited to her work in Skins as she will get more opportunities and golden offers to enhance her career and this is the time she needs to be very precise and very careful in choosing the perfect ones. She is a humble person and it will be extremely painful to her fans if she turns out to be an egoistic in the future. Watching her act and watching her live her life, it is however most unlikely thing to happen.

Wiki sites are trying to attract visitors by keeping contents on her and her biography but it is very unfortunate that contents are not enough to know everything on her. She is not very tall as she has an average height of only 5 feet 3 and half inches. She is not only cute but she is gorgeous as well. It is totally up to her to make an impression of a good girl or to be a total diva flaunting her assets in a sexy bikini In future. There is no doubt that she has those glorious pair of legs and sexy feet, which can catch attentions anytime anywhere. She can be cool at times and hot at times as well and her mood will define which avatar she wants to be in near future. She has been a darling daughter and she has always made her parents very proud.

She is successful and she is confident. She has her net worth in thousands of dollars and this proves her success. She has however not revealed anything on her personal life and this means she has never talked about her boyfriend or the person she is dating at the current time. She is active in Twitter.