Adam Sessler Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce, Salary and Net Worth

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Adam Sessler Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce, Salary and Net Worth

Born on August 29, 1973 in Berkeley, California, the inspiring personality, Adam Michael Sessler is renowned as the President of TheoryHead, Inc., which is a famous consultancy for entertainment and media also. After graduating from El Cerrito High School, he also graduated from UCLA achieving the degree in literature in English. The popular artist known for his ability of multi-tasking is tall and heavy with height of 1.83m. He has achieved a big name and success already at the age of 41.

 Initially, he worked as a credit analyst for a company named ‘ABN-AMRO’ which was situated in San Francisco but later he joined the field of acting on a public access TV show called “Chip Weigh Magnet Down’. He mentioned that Michael is his middle name but not Donovan and even mentioned Wikipedia by his name at SGC 2013. The celebrity is popularly known as a producer and also, editor-in-chief excluding his other involvements. He has been the editor of games like X-Play, Morgan Webb and Rev3Games. He is also known as the one and only television personality staff to begin with the channel from its beginning as ZDTV but he left on April 25 in the year 2012. Some of his favorite game series are the Halo, the Banjo-Kazooie, Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank. His top five games of the decade in accordance to him were Fable II, Deus Ex, Ratchet and Clank, Shadow off the Colossus and Uncharted 2. Among the all, he shared his best experience to be with ‘Uncharted 2’.

He co-hosted X-Play and was the last member standing from the ZDTV network from the year 1998 to 2004. But the people got confused when it was reported that he was leaving X-Play for some other show. He even announced on various events that the news was ‘April Fool’s Day’ joke.

He got retired on the month of April 1 in 2012 just after sometime when he left G4TV. Later he was seen as a judge on a reality competition show called ‘Viral Video Download’. He announced the news of joining Revision 3 on November 12, 2012 and after two years, in 2014 on the month of April, he left Revision 2 so that he could continue outside of video games. Similarly, he made his appearance as a panelist on Spike TV’s coverage and also as the host of pre show and post show of Bethesda game studio.

With his biography, we can obviously be sure about his keen interest in his profession as well as whatever he does. His creativity in games and TV shows has been able to drag the attention of thousands of people towards him. His fans in his twitter account follow him and his tweets. On the other hand, he is also quite active in Facebook posting and uploading pictures for his fans.

After dating for a long time with girlfriend, Amber, the couple got married and there seems to be a good relationship between Adam and his wife, so maybe they won’t have any divorce thing between them. The couple’s information regarding their kids is not made public but yes, he is not a gay. With total net worth of $300 thousand dollars, he had ruled in people’s heart and games although his salary is unknown.