Boyd Coddington Wiki, Bio, Wife, Death and Net Worth

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Boyd Coddington Wiki, Bio, Wife, Death and Net Worth

Quick Information

Date of Birth/Birthday 1944-08-28(b.) - 2008-02-27(d.)
Nationality American
Profession/Occupation Designer
Wife/Spouse Diane Marie Ragone Elkins(div.), Jo Coddington
Married Yes
Divorced Yes(once)
Girlfriend/Dating No
Gay/Lesbian No
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $12.5 Million Dollars
Height/Tall Not Disclosed
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Thomas Coddington, Chris Coddington, Robert Coddington, Boyd Coddington Jr., Greg Coddington

Boyd Coddington’s wiki starts with his birth date that is August 28, 1944 and he expired in February 7, 2008 at the age of 66. His father was Harold Coddington and mother was Lorna Sparrow Coddington. His father was a dairy farmer and later, after the famly moved to Salt Lake City, the owner of a landscaping company. He had a huge family. His ethnicity was white.  He was an American hot rod designer, the owner of the Boyd Coddington Hot Rod Shop and star of American Hot Rod on TLC. Coddington grew up in Ruprt, Idaho, reading all the cars and off rod magazines he could and completed a three-year apprenticeship in machining. He moved to California building hot rods by day and working as machinist at Disneyland during the night in 1968. He soon, became known for building unique hot rods and opened his own shop, Hot Rods by Boyd in Cypress, California in 1977. His first major customer was Vern Luce whose car, a 1993 coupe, won the Al Slonaker Award at the 1981 Oakld Roadster show.

He was one of the first and perhaps, the best known, of the Southern California hot-rod builders, who turned a backyard hobby of tattooed guys in T-shirts into a boutique industry of high-end car customizers, unfortunately, die in Feb 27 in Whittier, California.

He had an estimated net worth of $12.5 million dollars.

From 1978 to 1997, Mr. Coddington was the owner of Boyds Wheels and of Hots Rods by Boyd, each located in Stanton, California. In 1999, Mr. Coddington reincorporated the businesses into Boyds Hot Rods and Collectibles, in La Habra. He gained wide recognition as the host of a boisterous show (a lots of words had to be bleeped) o the Discovery channel, “Amercan Hot Rod”.

From plus offices beside body shops that seemed more likepristine studios than garages, Coddington usually wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt presided over crews that bent and welded sheet metal car bodies into customized hot rods that captured the curves of, perhaps, a’ 48 Ford or a ’55 Mercury.

Coddington's biography is best known for his clean, elegant designs combining old school with what was to be known as the “Boyd Look”. Some of his signature innovations were his custom-fabricated alloy wheels, typically machined from a solid billed of 6061-forged aluminum, an industry first. Boyd pioneered this “Billet” machined look and applied it not only to wheels but broadly throughout the car with John Buttera. In 1988, Coddington founded Boyd’s wheels, Inc., to manufacture and market his custom billet wheels.

Coddington’s first marriage ended in divorce. He is survived by his wife of 11 years who he had been dating with. As he was married and had three sons, he was not gay.

In 1998, financial trouble due to a $465,000 loss from a bankrupt customer led Coddington to re-organize Boyd’s Wheels and partner with his eldest son (Boyd Coddington.Jr). Coddington was hospitalized on December 31,207. He was discharged shortly after New Year’s ever but was readmitted a few days later to Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital in Whittier, California. Doctors performed surgery; despite the prognosis of a compete recovery, Coddington died on February 27, 2008. Coddington was buried at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, California.   Although the legendary gear head has passed away, that doesn’t mean his name will never have a death. That is, not if three children, his sons have anything to say about.

The information related to his height, how tall was he, his girlfriend's name are not provided. Well we can find very few information or pictures in his social networking sites like instagram and twitter.