Crooked I Wiki, Married, Wife or Girlfriend and Net Worth

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Crooked I Wiki, Married, Wife or Girlfriend and Net Worth

Crooked I is the famous American rapper whose real name is Dominick Wickliffe. He changed his name during his career to make it easy for the audiences and fans to remember. His intention was only to be called as Crooked I during performing but his name became so popular that every person now knows his by this name. Born on September 23, 1978 in Long Beach, California, his nationality is American and he belongs to the Catholic ethnicity.

In fact his family’s origin was in Long Beach and he loves long beach like everything. He grew there with his brothers and family and also started his career form the same place. His professional career started form the age of 17 from his hometown as an owner of a Recording studio named Muscle Records. He established that records with the joint venture with some professional football players according to the details recorded in the department of music and recording in the state. At the age of 36, he has been in his prime position and is representing numerous hip-hop groups for the development of this genre. He is a member of a hip-hop group named Slaughterhouse with other rapper named Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce Da. According to the reports he is the CEO of his own record lab, Dynasty Entertainment and C.O.B Digital. As a public figure he has also represented the Hip Hop industry to the new heights. He is also known as Senior Vice President of Treacherous Records.

Apart from his professional life he doesn’t have too much incidents in his personal life. As per the news posted in the media he does not have any girlfriend. In fact he hasn’t married yet and doesn’t have any children too. He isn’t a gay but is also not dating any ladies currently. Crooked has always mentioned sex, love, marriage, hate, divorce, tragedy and many other things in his raps. He always wants to give knowledge about the going concerns in the society, his recent album Sex, Money & Hip Hop is the biggest example. He stands tall with 6 feet height and possess a great personality.

In the recent interview he revealed his interest in kids and he always likes other wife rather than settling his own personal life. He admits that his personal life has not been as desired but is looking forward to get settled in the sooner days. His album covers always consists a photo with his fingers crooked and his eye visible with the drop of the hood. He is an awesome person to hang around according to his colleges. He has also featured in 3 movies till today and also in the numerous music videos. Shirtless scenes are just a routine for the Hip Hop actors and he has had most of them till today. He is very much active in his social profiles like twitter and Instagram. He keeps on posting pictures in his Instagram profile and has more than 50k followers in his twitter account. His details can be easily found in numerous sites and Wiki. The main source of revenue in his career has been his songs and music-recording studio. His net worth is estimated about $1.5 million. We can also find his biography in the Wiki.