Girl Talk Wiki, Married, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay and Net Worth

Date: 20 Jun, 2015 Report This

Girl Talk Wiki, Married, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay and Net Worth

He says what he does is all about remixing the remix.

On this lovely day, we will be talking about one of the most popular contemporary mash-up artist of this generation. Simply, he doesn’t need a band to make people jump/ shout/ dance. What he just need is his laptop, which is a total party package.

Yes, you guessed it right. He is none other than Cleaveland, Ohio born and bred engineer turned self proclaimed laptop artist Gregg Michael Gills. He has been more like a cult figure ever since he came up with his debut album Secret Diary in 2002.

What he basically does is he uses smart sound editing software's like adobe audition, audio mulch and many more to mix different self-cut -off- tracks from different songs and develop a single track out of them. The genera can be collectively labeled as mash up, which is generally defined as the process of mixing vocal track of one pre-recorded songs with instrumental track of another.

More precisely, the talented sound artist not only uses his mash up skills, but also combines the skill with the art of digital sampling, which is defined as a process of using anything from sound, track, or vocals of a recording and reusing the individual features individually or collectively in a completely different recording, song, or beat. During one of his online interview long time ago, he even stated that he uses adobe audition to cut up the tracks and audio mulch to mix them together. 

Mostly known by his stage name Girl Talk,  Gregg Michael Gillis is 33 years of as of 2015. Impressively, he has accumulated around 2 million US dollars as his net worth till now.   But still there is a huge debate in the country weather such art form should openly be legal or not.

Now moving on to his body configuration, he owns a slim body with a tall height that is speculated to be in the range of 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 4 inches.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything about his personal life. Simply, he is just another celebrity who likes to keep his dating life out of the media. Even if he has a secret girlfriend, even if he is married to his loving wife, even if he has got children, or even if he is a gay - we will never know until he officially reveals. So, there's no point discussing about these matters.  Again, we don't know his exact ethnicity, and we even don’t know anything about his family members. By nationality, he is an American.

Other wiki on his professional life including his popular songs (singles namely Tolerated and I can’t hear Sweat) and albums (Secret Diary, Unstoppable, Night Ripper and many more) can be accessed via Wikipedia's biography on him. Also, one can go to his official website to access huge amount of information as well as their work and even recent tour details. And, if you want to view his shirtless pictures, Google Search would be a good option for you. Last but not the least; his admirers can connect to him via social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.