Hot Kelly Kelly Wiki, Boyfriend, Dating and Net Worth

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Hot Kelly Kelly Wiki, Boyfriend, Dating and Net Worth

Barbara and Sheldon first met each other through a mutual friend at a dinner a long time ago. As of 2015, they are no longer dating one another. Happily, she is engaged to a towering man, her handsome future husband.

Former WWE diva Barbara Jean "Barbie" Blank, also known by her nickname "Barbie", is wife-to-be of Anaheim Ducks defenseman Sheldon Souray since August, 2014, their engagement date. Previously, Souray was married to Baywatch actress Angelica Bridges, and they have two daughters. 

Previously, Kelly was in a serious relationship with diseased WWF/WWE star Andrew Robert Patrick Martin, known in the wrestling world as Test. Test and Barbie's two and half years loving of relationship ended in the year 2009 because of his oxycodone overdose led death.

Now moving on to her body configuration, Kelly is not a tall woman with the height of 5 feet and 5 inches. Impressively, her physical sex appeal is high, thanks to her hot hourglass shaped body with the body measurements of 37-24-36 inches, toned legs and thighs, well-maintained blonde hair and large but shapely breasts (plastic surgery). Nevertheless, she derives Jewish, Christian, Irish and German ancestry from her parents.  As one can see, the fitness instructor enjoys distinct looks and seductive face because of her rich ethnicity.

No wonder, she has got a massive net worth of 4.5 million US dollars. Even before joining the wrestling industry (at the age of 19, she was discovered by WWE senior official Laurinaits while she was working as a model), she was set to make something out of her modeling career.  

Originally, she was a young gymnast of 10 years before joining cheerleading (football cheerleader) in her high school days. She had to bid farewell to gymnastic because of a serious injury. After accomplishing high school, she was perusing College and modeling side by side when Laurinatis discovered her.

Following Laurintas guidance, the WWE fan joined Ohio Valley Wrestling, an American Independent wrestling promotion entity in Louisville, Kentucky, for a try out. Seeing immense potentialities in her, OVW made a contract offer despite Kelly lacked any wrestling experience. Kelly happily accepted, as she was already intimidated by wrestling in her pre-teen days. In her pre-teen days, Kelly was an avid fan of Wrestling and a Steve Cold Austin supporter. Then, she used to watch wrestling regularly with her dad.

Her OVW days were really productive in the sense she learned so many things about wrestling that she couldn’t have known as a fan. She gradually climbed the OVW ladder, developing from a ring announcer and referee to a fan-favorite wrestler. After acquiring important skills at OVW for 1 year, she made appearance in Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE's new development territory.   

Now fast-forwarding to 2015, we know Kelly as one of the most decorated female wrestler in the history of WWE. However, she won WWE Divas Championship just on one occasion (2011).

So, what made her famous in the competitive wrestling world? And, why she is often compared to legendary Trish Stratus?

Well, there are some similarities between Trish and Kelly such as both divas entered the wrestling as a model and both had other career aspirations before joining the industry. Moreover, both of them were into fitness before joining the industry (Kelly being former gymnast and model and Trish being gym receptionist turned fitness model). If wrestling didn't have happened, Trish (soccer and field hockey player at York University) would have been a doctor and Kelly would have been a TV anchor. Besides wrestling, both of them were known for their seductive prowess in the show.

The major difference between the two is that Trish has won more titles, i.e. 7-Time Women's Champion and 1-Time Hardcore Champion. Of course, Trish was technically better than Kelly, as Trish was initially trained by legends like Ron Hutchinson and Dave Finlay whereas Kelly by OVW staffs.

Be what as it may, everyone expected Kelly to fill the shoes of Trish when she retired in 2006. Both were kind of protagonist figure in the WWE and were projected as an unpredictable wrestler who could win difficult to difficult matches showing courage, confidence and willpower.

Unfortunately, Kelly ended her journey in the year 2012 and never reached Trish like status. Kelly left wrestling because she wanted to pursue other things in life and spend more time and settle down with her boyfriend.  

Besides wrestling, she has found short success in other industry as well. For instance, she is a popular model who has been featured in various reputed magazines. She is famous for her sexy photo-shoots such as her Maxim's December 2011 bikini cover pose.   Clearly, she outshined the super car Camaro ZL1 on the cover page.

One of the featured models in the music video of Timbaland ft The Hives famous song Throw It on Me, Kelly is causing quite a stir in the E! Reality TV show focused on personal life of wives and girlfriends of sportsmen namely WAGS.

After retiring from WWE, Kelly has followed the path of her wrestling inspiration Trisha Stratus while choosing post-retirement career choices (television ad fitness studio). Just like Trisha starting her own yoga studio after retirement, Kelly has also co-founded Fitlynx Weight Loss & Personal Training Studio (Jacksonville).    

Now, we have been hearing Kelly is set to return to WWE. Weather that's true or not, Kelly will always be welcomed in the WWE franchise because of her reputation and popularity. If one stills remembers, she debuted on ECW as the youngest Diva on the WWE rooster. If you didn't know, Kelly was originally introduced to WWE audience as an exhibitionist whose job was to undress and seduce the audience.  

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