Peter Bogdanovich Wiki, Bio, Wife, Health, Dead or Alive

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Peter Bogdanovich Wiki, Bio, Wife, Health, Dead or Alive

Peter Bogdanovich is a big name in Hollywood; as he has worked in many prestigious posts like film historian, director/ producer, actor, writer, and movie critic. He was born on the 30th of July, 1939 and in 2015, his current age is 76 years old, alive and happy. Peter was born in Kingston, New York, United States of America although his ancestry is European, and his father Borislav Bogdanovich, who was a painter as well as a pianist originated from Russia. His mother Herma was an Austrian born Jew, whose family had immigrated the USA during the world war. Not much is known about Peter’s past, although it is clear that his father was in the army for some time and so he was brought up by his mother, and there weren’t any other members in the family. He had a taste for acting from a young age, and was trained by acting guru Stella Adler, and had made some TV appearances in minor roles. An American by nationality, Peter is a Jew and belongs to white ethnicity.

He is not a very tall man, Peter and has a very average height. He measures about a 178 cm, which is about 5 feet and 10 inches; not a very good height. As a young man, he used to have a very slim body but started putting on some weight as he grew up but soon took care of it by going to the gym. He has said in his interviews that he hated to work out but still had to do it to stay fit. He was an average looking man, but had very good sense of humor and could talk and make friends very easily. There are only a couple of shirtless pictures of his on the media, which are from a long time ago and in black and white. In his later age, he was having some problem with his lungs, but with proper medication is in good health now. He has not been away from some false rumors that stated his death and also hi being sexually gay. But none of them are true as he is not a gay, nor is dead till today. His sourced have confirmed and denied all those false accusations.

Regarding his personal life, it is pretty clear to the media and we have a list of his relationships and girlfriends. He has been in 5 different affairs till today, and has also been married and divorced a multiple times. He was first married to his wife Polly Platt in 1963 and they were together for 8 years, and had two daughters before getting divorced in 1971. Then, he met and married for the second time, to actress Cybill Shepherd in 1972. The couple was together for 7 years but didn’t have any kid together. After they separated in 1979, Peter started dating a model named Patty Hansen, but that relationship started in 1979 and ended in the same year. He was also believed to be dating Dorothy Stratten, in between 1979 and 1980, but after her death in 1980 he was hit hard and was in mental trauma. After many years, news came out about his marriage, this time to Louis Hoogstraten, whom he married in 1987. Living together for 14 years, the couple got divorced in 2001, since when he has been single. A father of two children, he has two daughters named Alexandra 'Sashy' who is 44 and Antonia who is 47.

Peter has written/ directed as well as acted in many different movies as well as some TV shows. Some of his famous works have come in: Nickelodeon (1976), She's Funny That Way (2014), The Price of Heaven (1997), Hustle (2004), Picture Windows (1994), Out of Order (2003), You Are Here (2013) and many others. With a wide number of fans in his Twitter and Instagram accounts, he also has many admirers and critics from around the world. He has made a fortune and a name with his work, and there are many people who read about him in his biography that can be found in sites like IMDb and Wikipedia. By 2015, his estimated net worth was about $10 million dollars.