Robert Flores Wiki, Bio, Wife or Girlfriend/Gay and Salary

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Robert Flores Wiki, Bio, Wife or Girlfriend/Gay and Salary

Robert Flores is an American sports journalist who is working for ESPN. He is a very popular figure in ESPN who has been broadcasting the ESPNEWS as well as the “Sports Center” show, since 2007 till now. The show that discusses all the sports and major events from around the world, the show also discusses about the players. Besides that show, Flores is also a host of the Taco Bell Studio Update, which deals with the updates of ABC College Football and Saturday Night Football. Also, he is a member at the Friday Night Fights, which is a studio show of ESPN2. He is also a co-host of the Baseball Tonight show and used to host 3PM SportsCenterin early 2009, until being replaced by Chris McKendry.

One of the most notable incidents in his career took place in 2004, when he had been working for the KEYE in Austin, Texas. He uttered the F-word during a recording, which went live on air, even when it was not intended to be aired. For that incident he was fired from the show and the channel. Interestingly, after he joined ESPN, the same incident occurred once more in 2006.

While he and his co-host Danyelle Sargent were hosting the ESPNEWS, Sargent happened to use the word “What the Fuck is that?” because of technical inabilities and hindrance to read, which saw her leave the channel. Another incident took place when Robert made a comment on SportsCenter in the March of 2015 that famous singer Iggy Azalea was killing Hip Hop music. This led to many critical judgments and verbal wars between him and Iggy’s boyfriend Nick Young, who is a NBA star. He even got his salary for the month reduced for this ridiculous act.

Born on the April of 1970 in Houston, Texas, united States of America, Robert was raised in a middle class family; He was the eldest of two children born to a RJ father and a housewife mother. At the age of 6, when he went to the recording room with his father for the first time, Robert was so fascinated by the machines and the setup that he wanted to never leave the room. He followed his father to the workplace a number of times, which made the manager notice the young lad. Surely after, he was lucky enough to get a job at the age of 15, hosting a local on demand show for teenagers. His performances were very good, and he made good money at a very young age, gaining enough fame as well. TO know more about him, you can read his biography in sites like Wikipedia.

Talking about his appearance, Robert is fairly good looking man, which not a very handsome but presentable face. He has an air of confidence around him and that often is misinterpreted into over confidence. He has a witty view and a good sense of humor, which makes him a popular character and is easy to make friends with. With a height of almost 6 feet tall, he has got a well-maintained body, although there aren’t any shirtless pictures of his on the media or his Instagram account. His estimated net worth value is about $2 million US dollars.