Shelby Stanga Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

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Shelby Stanga Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

Quick Information

Date of Birth/Birthday 1960 (Birthday N/A) - Age 54/55 years
Nationality American
Profession/Occupation TV Personality, Presenter
Working For/Engaged On History Channel, The Legend of Shelby The Swamp Man
Wife/Spouse Donna
Married Yes
Divorced Not Yet
Girlfriend/Dating Not Yet
Gay/Lesbian No
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $2 Million Dollars (approx.)
Height/Tall 5 feet 9 inches
Weight N/A
Children/Kids N/A

A famous American swamp logger from Louisiana, Shelby Stanga, 55, is mostly known by his nickname "Swamp Man." He was able to earn the nickname after impressing the fans of Ax Men, a History Channel reality show about logging (2009 to present). Shelby entertained loads of people by showcasing his swamp-logging endeavors with great vigor in the show on its third, fourth and fifth season.

Stanga’s start as swap logger was quite unusual. His schooling was hampered because of radical activities carried out by Ku Klux Klan in the area during his childhood. His not-so-rich mother made him drop school at the age of 9. After that, his mother advised him to either play with his first cousin or go hunting in the woods. However, he created his alternative by going into the swamps.

Swamps turned out to be lucky for him! Slowly, people started asking him to retrieve precious woods from the deep swamps. Thanks to his earlier experience working for a dredging company, he knew the ins and outs of several swamps in the area. At the age of 16, Stanga accepted a challenge to remove a fallen cypress tree from the murky water of a swamp.  He fulfilled the challenge with a boat, some ropes, and inner tubes. This was how his swamp-logging journey started.

He is now known as an expert at exploring rare logs. In fact, he recuperated ages old logs during his time in the show. Some of the logs he redeemed back then turned out to be around 2000 years to 5000 years old.

Get to know Shelby closely:

Truly, Shelby is a hard-working man, who is best at what he does. For this reason, The History Channel requested him to join the cast of Axmen on its third season. But, even after working with the channel for about three seasons and doing his spinoff, “The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man," he says he hasn't made enough money. There must be some reasons!

People say the fun-loving and perfect gentleman Stanga wasn't paid what he deserved in either of the shows. But, that is past. Now, the rugged man turned millionaire enjoys a net worth of $2 million dollars and has contracted with over 20 companies. 

Stanga has a healthy body, thanks to more than 41 years of logging experience in New Orleans. Unfortunately, we don't know how tall he is, but judging by his pictures, we can speculate that his height is in the range of 5 feet and 6 inches to 5 feet 9 inches.  Anyways, he may not be the tallest logger ever, but he can take care of logs and trees that are far bigger and taller than his size.

Married life of Shelby:

Stanga is married to a lovely woman named Donna. The 55-year-old swamp-master and his Jehovah-Witness wife Donna live in their home near Lake Pontchartrain. The house is on 3.5 acres of their property land at the edge of the river that leads to the lake.

Stanga is a star. A total of 159 k people have liked his Facebook page, and he is doing ok on Twitter with not more than 2000 followers, given the fact that he doesn't own a computer. He does not have an Instagram account. He is a sociable and friendly person. Not only among humans, but he's also a familiar face among snakes and other swamp creatures in the area too.

There is no information about his past girlfriends, divorce, dating life, or children on the media. Last but not the least, his quotes and pictures from the shows are famous on the web. His fans can access them over different websites along with his biography.

“Here we go!”

People consider Shelby a legend. They would certainly love to have him as their neighbor. His fans and followers love him.

The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man follows Shelby and shows the life of this man when he is not logging. It depicts all the strange and unique situations in his life and portrays the lifestyle he has. Despite of being a celebrity, he is happy to not live in luxury.

He is glad that he has his sleeping bag and a hammock by the side of the river. If you are a fan of Stanga, you need to know that iPhone is the only fanciest gadget that he has. Other than hunting, fishing and logging, there isn’t much that he is very proud of. 

Look in this video what Shelby usually says on his show. These phrases make him the pure entertainment that he is.