David Miscavige Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend/Gay and Net Worth

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David Miscavige Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend/Gay and Net Worth

Quick Information

Date of Birth/Birthday April 30, 1960
Age 64 Years 1 Month(s)
Nationality American-Italian
Profession/Occupation Leader
Working For/Engaged On Church of Scientology
Wife/Spouse Michele Miscavige
Married Yes
Divorced Not Yet
Girlfriend/Dating No
Gay/Lesbian No
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $50 Million Dollars
Height/Tall 5 feet 1 inches
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Not Yet

One of the most talked about infamous and controversial man of the generation X, David Miscavige is best known as the front man of the church of Scientology. He acquired the superior position in 1980 after the supreme leader L.Ron Hubbard and his family got into legal troubles that were related to the 1952 found religion.

Born on April 30, 1960, the Pennsylvania native David who had been involved with the church since the age of 11 quickly climbed through ranks ultimately shining as the head of Commodore's Messengers Organization, a group of young scientologist directly working under Hubbard, by the age of 19 i.e. in 1979.

As of 2015, the Captain of the Sea Org net worth is around $50 million US dollars. Obviously, he wasn't born in a rich family. Be what as it may, the so-called new religious movement has earned the high school dropout the enormous amount. However, David has no known house. He resides on the massive structure that is church of scientology.
People are amazed how David has emerged as a leader of something like a cult religion and at the same time as the head of corporation that is Scientology being itself. The church pays for his expensive lifestyle including housing, fooding, clothing, transportation and what not.

Clearly, any kind of argument related with a religious movement can be exceptionally complex.  If you say a person involved with a religious movement have no right to acquire riches, then you will have to apply the same logic with each and every religion in the world.

However, Scientology as a religion with its lack of rich history is prone to controversies as compared to other religion. Moreover, the proponent of the religion is just Hubbard, a man born just 106 years ago. Hubbard including Dianetics develops everything related to Scientology.  Therefore, it will be interesting to see whether David can maintain the current status of the religion as a tax exempt entity in future days to come.

Now moving on to David's physical configuration, he is not a tall man with the height of 5 feet and 0.8 inches. The man with Roman catholic and Polish-Italian ethnicity enjoys a natural dark brown hair.

Surely, he has got good looks and a charismatic smile. It is said that such good looks and influential personality of David was sufficient to attract Michele Miscavige, David's fellow member of the Commodore's messenger organization.  The gorgeous shy blonde who must of the insiders describes as innocent and kindhearted has not made any public appearances since the year 2007.

David and Michele married in the year 1982 after dating for around 4 years. It is said that the First lady of the Scientology was removed for her position and sent somewhere else after she singlehandedly made internal changes in the organization in the year 2006. Husband David has taken a policy to remain silent on any matter regarding his girlfriend turned wife. He simply prefers the Church of Scientology to answer any queries on his behalf.  

And according to the church, she is working for the church secretly and all the rumors regarding the church and the leader David misbehaving with other members including Michele are nothing more than hoaxes.  Moreover, David and Michele have no children as far as we know.

Last but not the least, let's discuss about David's gay rumor with the generation actor Tom Cruise, who has been associated with Scientology for 27 years as of 2015. As far as we know, they are not gay. The gay rumors between them emerged because of a very close relationship between the two. In fact, David was the best man in Tom's wedding with Katie. 

As of 2015, many reports are calming Tom is set to get a divorce with Scientology very soon only for his 9 years daughter Suri 's sake. It is said that ex-wife Katie Holmes is in no mood to allow someone associated with such crazy practice named as Scientology to have close bond with her daughter. It is also said that the church of Scientology will not allow David to have close bond with the daughter who is no longer practicing the religion.

Keep yourself connected to our site to get more wiki on him. We hope you enjoyed the biography style article. We don't think David has got any Twitter or Instagram accounts. You should have to contact the Religious Technology Center under the Church of Scientology to even get chance to meet David. And, if you want to know more about David, you will like to view his first ever interview that he gave to ABC news in the year 1992. In the interview, he gives his view on the religion.

So, what do you think? Should Scientology be a religion? Is Dianetics itself a psychiatric practice? Please, give your view.