AJ Green Wiki, Married, Wife or Girlfriend and Salary

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AJ Green Wiki, Married, Wife or Girlfriend and Salary

NFL star A.J. Green's full name, if you don't know, is Adriel Jermiah "A.J ." Green. But he likes to inspire small ones by calling his name A for "Always give your best" and J for "Juggle whatever comes on your way".  

With that, we go to the ESPN's 2014 documentary on him. The documentary has briefly showcased Green's life journey till 2014 and also interestingly showed how he hung on in his life despite losing his beloved caring brother and later his coach who taught him everything.

Born on July 31, 1998 as the youngest son to a cement loader father and Wall-Street employee mother, A.J. is famous by the name Hollywood not because he is glamorous but because he is super popular in the football world.

A.J.'s salary (10.176 million) for 2015 is a figure that makes him one of the top ten highest earning wide receivers in NFL. Not only that, he is one of the the best AFC receiver of all time stat-wise. Despite that his parents go to their respective work daily and on time. AJ loves his parents enormously and is always thankful to them for giving him birth and many important lessons in life.

Talking about AJ's upbringing, he had a good upbringing, but it wasn't something most of the rich kid of our country will love. A.J's childhood home (his parents still live there) is situated 25 miles west of Charleston in a remote section of Ridgeville in South Carolina. The remote village lacks many facilities but is a beauty of nature. He grew up eating fish, squirrels, raccoon, dear and what not. He still enjoys all of the foods when he is in Summerville.

His most sad incidents in life will be losing his beloved older brother (older brother Avionce died of a car wreck on the way to the school carnival when A.J. was five years old) and his high school coach Mulkey.

Mulkey, an inspiring firefighter and high school football and basketball coach, inspired Green to be one of the best. Unfortunately, Mulkey died in a fire incident, but Green went on to end his high school and college with amazing stats and credentials in both basketball and football.

However, he was diagnosed with learning deficiency in his early age. That is why he in his young days struggled in study. Despite that, he won against the disability with support and inspirations for the couch.

He is described to possess one of the most perfect hand-eye co-ordinations in modern Football. And if you don't know, he possesses such qualities because he learned to juggle as early as second grade.

Now moving on to his physical configuration, he is a tall man with the height of 6 feet and 4 inches. Impressively, he has well maintained short hairstyle and amazing athletic body. No wonder, many magazines and websites have featured him and his shirtless pictures.

Moreover, his net worth is speculated to be in the range of 20 to 25 million US dollars. Oh my god, think about that time (2010) when he was suspended as a University of Georgia for selling his jersey to an agent for $1000 and think where he is now. Be what as it may, he has never forgotten to work hard and achieve it all.  

Talking about his relationship status, he is married to R&B singer and video model Miranda Brooke. Their dance theme marriage took place this March in Georgia and many stars visited the wedding. From what we have heard, girlfriend turned wife Miranda was signed to Def Jams, but she has paused her music career to focus solely on her personal life as for present.

Believe it or not, they first met on Facebook and they started dating one another after chatting for about six months. The couple has enormous respect and love for one another even though they are different personality wise. Interestingly, Miranda is amazed that her husband is amazingly southern as compared to anyone, even her.

She appreciates AJ's humility, calmness and humbleness. She respects her rich husband I am like everyone attitude. Not only that, she feels inspired by AJ as he doesn't think he is a biggie and all about money plus fame.

Anyway, you have just heard about A.J's love life and with that, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that he is not a gay.

Fans can connect A.J. on his social networking sites such as Twitter (293k followers) and Instagram (277k followers). His Twitter handle is @ajgreen_18 and his Twitter description is given as:

Cincinnati Bengals W.R. FB:http://fb.com/adrielgreen18  IG:http://instagram.com/ajgreen_18 

 Joined January 2010

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