Deena Nicole Cortese Wiki, Boyfriend, Dating and Net Worth

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Deena Nicole Cortese Wiki, Boyfriend, Dating and Net Worth

Quick Information

Date of Birth/Birthday February 12, 1987
Age 37 Years 5 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession/Occupation Television Personality
Working For/Engaged On MTV
Husband/Spouse Not Yet
Married Not Yet
Divorced No
Boyfriend/Dating Chris Buckner
Gay/Lesbian No
Ethnicity Multilateral
Net Worth $1 Million Dollars(2015)
Height/Tall 5 feet
Weight Not Disclosed
Children/Kids Not Yet
Body Measurements N/A

At the age of 28 as of 2015, former Jersey Shore star Deena Nicole Cortese has moved on. Now she has realized that the MTV reality-drama Jersey Shore was a short-lived fame that she invited to her life without much brainstorming.

Like a criminal struggling to live in the real world after his/her release, Jersey Show casts must have struggled to get used to normal life after the show ended in 2012, we often like to think this way.  However, Nicole says the transition process has been easy for her.

Believe it or not, she is the same outrageous and wild Deena from Jersey Shore who now identifies herself as a family person. She says people over-judged her when people first saw her on television in 2010. What would a cast of such a bizarre show expect?

But the late second season entry wasn't her initial Jersey Shore tryout. She had auditioned for the Jersey Shore season 1, but she was not selected. And after self proclaimed Kim Kardashian/ New York gorgeous bartender Angelina Pavernick got involved in series of disturbing disputes with other casts namely party-girl Snooki and bad-boy Micheal Sorentino, it was Deena chance to appear in the reality drama as a breakout star, as the show decided to fire Angelina and hire a new part-person after the violence confrontations. After that, Snooki suggested her longtime friend Denna to the producers and she was selected.

Not surprisingly, she was not-so-famous person from a small town before joining the show. She was not getting enough satisfaction from her job as a dental assistant nor she loved studying that much and the jersey Shore happened. Slowly people began to call her another rich/spoiled brat of jersey Shore. But she ignored the criticism and chose the fame as it was inevitable.

I remember watching an episode of Jersey shore where one of the cast was saying something like this -

"It's the place where hot met and women get naked. It's the place you would like to be. "

I also remember arguing with my friend on the subject "increasing narcissism in Jersey Shore". My point of view was that the show encourages it casts to get more dramatic, more narcissistic and more ego showing. And my friend was counter-arguing saying that everybody has some level of narcissism and self-centeredness. At last we agreed on my notion after I convinced him how human can magnify such personality after they get attention for nothing. We agreed that it wasn't the casts of Jersey Shore who were behaving differently but it was the environment of the show that was constantly conditioning them. I mean if you get chance to appear in Jersey Shore, would you be someone like Buddha, of course not.

Like any other cast of the show, Denna enjoys millions of followers in social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook combined, thanks to the Jersey Shore exposure. Because of her increasing popularity in social networking sites, she has turned to an media entrepreneur. She sells her own line of T-shirts, hair products and jewelry via Media reports that she lives with her mom in New Jersey.

But as of 2015, we can't confirm her residence. Several rumors assert that she and her since-2011-boyfriend Chris Buckner have moved in together in a new house. Unfortunately, this news cannot be verified, as we even don't know whether they are still dating or not. Anyway, it is reported that Chris may be 3 or 4 years younger than Denna. Furthermore, Chris and Denna appeared in the 5th season of VH1 relationship counseling show namely Couples Therapy in 2014.

The show Jersey Shore has many upsides says Nicole. Thanks to constant criticism by fans regarding her chunky body, she decided to bring her body in shape. Soon after the show -ended, she went to gym, and she also went through various exercises and diet plans finally transferring her over-weighed-meaty- legs body to a curvaceous-hourglass -shape-shapely-legs- body just in over a year. Not suprisingly, she shared her sexy bikini pictures and other hot pictures to her fans via social networking sites after getting in shaope and losing some notable pounds (2013).

However, we don't know her body measurements. Moreover, she is not a tall woman with height that is speculated to be in the range of 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 4 inches.  Furthermore, her ethnicity is Italian as her parents are Italian American. Nevertheless, her net worth is speculated to be around $1 million US dollars. 

Maybe she wants to star in movies or new TV shows in future. Until then, she is happy doing her thing and remembering her old days glory. But the good thing now is that she can use her phone or internet or means of communication and connect to real world unlike her days in Jersey Shore, when she had no option other than being part of such a drama. 
Other wiki on her personal and professional life including her biography can be accessed via various sources over the media.  Last but not the least, there are no any other married or husband rumor about her on the media.