Sean Maher Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife or Boyfriend, Gay and Net Worth

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Sean Maher Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife or Boyfriend, Gay and Net Worth

Sean Maher is an American actor who has been in many of Hollywood movies as well as TV shows, and is best known for portraying the role of Simon Tam in Firefly, a Sci Fi TV show. He is a versatile actor who has come out of nowhere on the basis of his talent and hard work, which has been appreciated by all those directors, actors and others who have worked with him. Known for his good sense of humor and fair temper, he is known to be a good man who can make friends easily and has in fact, many of them.

It is no surprise that a celebrity like Sean has got many fans, and these people are always interested in his social as well as personal life. But it might come as a matter of shock to some of you; who have no clue about his sexuality. Sean is a gay, and has been married to his longtime boyfriend Paul. Yes, this charming, handsome and charismatic man doesn’t have a thing for ladies, which might be a bad news for his female fans. Although quiet shy to reveal this fact, he had to wait till 2011 and then came out openly through The Playboy Club where he portrayed an appropriate role of closeted gay man.

He and his partner have been married and have adopted two children: Liam Xavier (born in 2010) and Sophia Rose (born in 2007). As neither of them has any girlfriend, wife, or any other partner to have affair with; it seems like their romance is going good and there is no chance of a divorce on this smooth road. There have been plenty of search regarding pictures of him and his boyfriend, but not many people are lucky enough to find it. Although, Sean has got some shirtless pictures on the media, and also on his official website.

Born on the 16th of April, 1975 in Pleasantville, New York, United States of America, he was raised in a middle class family. His parents were both of American nationality and belonged to white ethnicity, and were Christians by religion. Born as the younger of two children; he and his sister studied at the local Byram Hills High School, where he was in the art class and later switched to performing stage acts whereas his sister was more into dancing. It was always certain in his mind that he wanted to become a performer, an actor and thus for pursuing this dream he got enrolled at the New York University in 1994. After 4 years, he graduated with a degree in drama and with a heart full of confidence and hope.

With a height of about 6 feet tall and a fantastically built body, Sean didn’t had to struggle much before he found his first break in 1998; landing a small role in Ryan Caulfield: Year One. He then played in FOX TV’s The $treet, followed by other roles in movies and TV shows like Serenity (2005), The Dive From Clausen's Pier, Wedding Wars and may others. To find out more about his life or work, you can read his biography in sites like IMDB and Wikipedia or also follow him on his Twitter and Instagram account. Regarding his net worth value, it was close to about $1 million US dollar in 2015.