Billy Graham Wiki, Wife, Death or Alive and Net Worth

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Billy Graham Wiki, Wife, Death or Alive and Net Worth

Billy Graham was born as William Franklin "Billy" Graham Jr., who is an American Christian evangelist, and was also a Baptist minister and a spiritual adviser to some American presidents. He was born on the 7th of November, 1918 and in 2015, his current age is 97 years old. He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America as the eldest of four children born into a middle class family. His father was William Franklin Graham, Sr. a pastor and his mother was Morrow, Graham. His parents reared cattle at their home, and had a small dairy business. He started schooling at the age of 5, and was admitted at the Sharon Grammar School. With change in the prohibition rules of the USA which was regulated in 1933, his father made him and his sister drink beer which degraded their health so bad that neither of them touched any alcoholic product in any part of their life. Upon graduating in 1936, he attended the Bob Jones College, in Tennessee but his lack of interest in studied almost saw him get kicked out from college. A Christian by religion, he is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Billy is a tall man, and his height is about 191 cm. That is 6 feet and 3 inches in height, which is a great height for any person. With a last recorded body weight of about 90 kg, he has an average body type, which is out of shape maybe because he stopped working out with his growing age. Warren has got a few shirtless pictures from his young days that are available in the media where he has exposed himself. As a young man, he was quiet distinct and attractive, used to have long brown hair, and nicely shaped body and blue eyes. He was also strongly built and used to go to the gym, which is not something, that we are used to notice pastors do. He wasn’t the most decent of youngsters and when he was about to get kicked out of college, he recalls Bob Joner Sr. saying him "At best, all you could amount to would be a poor country Baptist preacher somewhere out in the sticks.... You have a voice that pulls. God can use that voice of yours. He can use it mightily."

Regarding his personal life, not much information is there with the media. He seems to have been married and then divorced already although there is not much known regarding his girlfriend/s from the past. It looks like his dating history isn’t particularly impressive despite some rumors that falsely accused him to have been romantically involved with some women. He had been with his wife Ruth Graham for 64 years having been married in 1943 but broke up in 2007. With 5 children between them, Graham has got 19 grandchildren. Despite rumors that accused him of being sexually gay, they have all been proved pointless. He is currently believed to be single and there is no rumor regarding his personal life to be heard anywhere.

With some rumors associated with his death, there is no truth to it although he has had health problems with his growing age. But he is still alive, and in good health and has officially stated that he is not dead. Having risen to fame with his advices, sermons and work, he has also published two dozens of books by now. Billy has also appeared in some movies over the time like: Billy Graham Classic Crusades (2001), The American President (2000), Hannity & Colmes (1996), The Mighty Fortress (1955) and some others. In order to know more about him, you can read his biography that is available in sites like IMDB and Wikipedia. You can also stay close to his regular updates and activities, by following him in his social site accounts like Twitter and also check his pictures out in his official Instagram page. By 2015, his estimated net worth is about 13 million US dollars. You can also find his interviews on YouTube, and read his quotes in many websites too.